QDU Rules

The QDU Executive has recently updated the Competition Rules. The Rules are available here.

We strongly advise that every participant read the rules. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the QDU for clarification.

All QDU Competitions are open to all schools who wish to participate. However, in order for our competition to function, it is necessary to limit the number of teams any one school can enter in a year level.

In the primary schools competition a school may enter up to eight teams in each of the two year levels.

Schools can enter up to four Grade Seven teams, four Grade Eight teams, three Grade Nine teams and Ten and two in both Grades Eleven and Twelve.

(Any teams wishing to be entered above these limits is subject to approval by the QDU Executive in all cases.)

The Senior A competition is designed for elite senior debaters and as such has strict entry criteria. A maximum of sixteen teams are accepted and entry is by nomination only. Schools may only nominate one team which should be of a very high standard. Preference will be given to teams that have performed well in previous years and whose members have previously or are currently trialling for the Queensland State Debating team.

Please note that particularly in Toowoomba and on the Sunshine Coast the QDU requires schools entering teams to also provide QDU accredited adjudicators.
Teams must have a minimum of four members and a maximum of five members in all grades.

The age and education restrictions for each grade are as follows;

Grade 5       Under 12 years       Year 5 or below
Grade 6       Under 13 years       Year 6 or below

Grade 7       Under 14 years       Year 7 or below

Grade 8       Under 15 years       Year 8 or below
Grade 9       Under 16 years       Year 9 or below
Grade 10      Under 17 years       Year 10 or below
Grade 11      Under 20 years       Year 11 or below
Grade 12      Under 20 years       Year 12 or below
Senior A      Under 20 years       Year 12 or below