Code of Conduct

Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

The QDU is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who debate in our competitions. As participants in the QDU competition, we agree that we will respect all children, young people and adults, and will speak up if we are worried or concerned about something. We will not bully or accept any bullying that we see, and will escalate this on every occasion to the appropriate person.

 As part of the annual accreditation process for our volunteer adjudicators, the importance of the way with which we deal with and treat all children, young people and adults is communicated to all. Compliance with this element of our organisation is not negotiable and includes the appropriate method of escalating any issues that may arise.

 The following links set out the strategy of the QDU in dealing with all matters relating to the current State legislation, as managed and audited by the Queensland Government.