2018 Team Registration

ALL Coordinators will need to register and attach themselves to a school in our system in order to register teams into our competitions.

If you are currently registered in the QDU CMS CLICK HERE

If you are a new coordinator you will need to register in the QDU CMS. You can do this by CLICKING HERE

This is a two part process. From the information page your information will be connected to your chosen school and confirmed by the QDU before you can then enter teams. Once this is done (and the details confirmed by the QDU) you will be permitted to enter whatever teams you want on one single occasion. ALL changes to what you enter after this initial entry of teams can only be done by contacting the QDU administrator and requesting the changes you require.

If you would like for the QDU Executive to consider more teams than our system currently permits for each of the competitions, please contact the QDU administrator for information on how to present this information to the QDU for consideration and approval.